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I’m Doing it Scared...and Why You Should Too!

Pssst, want to know a secret? I’m finally launching the It’s Dr. Tara website (nickname: IDT, because you know we like a nickname, lol)...and I’m doing it scared. I first had the vision for creating a space for the It’s Dr. Tara community in 2017, and I am finally doing it in 2021. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. For four years, I had successfully found reasons why “it wasn’t the right time” or I “didn’t have enough time” to create this space. And, looking back, I was absolutely right. It wasn’t the right time, because my fear was running the conversations I was having with myself. For every vision I had, I also had the fear-based reason of why it wouldn’t work--why I wouldn’t grow and hold space for a community of people dedicated to the process of healing or how I would grow the community too fast! Fear is funny like that, it finds a way to turn our desires into things to avoid.

I continued to let my fear run the show, but what was also happening was that my spirit knew not to give up. I would get nudges--affirmations that my purpose was bigger than both myself and my fears. I would happen to find sayings on social media or come across a random video, but my favorite was when God would send me people-helpers-to unknowingly speak life, courage, and bravery into me. Faith is funny like that, the smallest amount finds a way to quiet your doubts and remind you of who you are and what you deserve.

So, I’m doing it scared, and I invite you to join me. What is something that fear has it’s lil’ gossipy voice in your ear about? What is something that you want to do and your soul is sending you reminders in various forms that you will be more than okay? Can you write it down and take a small action step towards it, especially if that action item is to visualize yourself being prepared to receive the best case scenario? Doing this scared is healing for me because it is freeing me from my self-imposed expectations of perfection, and allows me to be fully present in my human-ness (because being perfect ain’t human!). It allows us to be authentic and make mistakes that cause deeper growth and strengthened faith. It also allows us to hit home runs and be fully present with ourselves and our worthiness without worrying about the next thing. Doing it scared is bravery, it is liberation.

It is my dream for the launch of It’s Dr. Tara to be soooo much more than a website, a YouTube channel, or a private page for the IDT community. It’s my vision that the It’s Dr. Tara community will serve as a reminder. A reminder to practice self-care without explanation and/or apology, a reminder to give ourselves permission to feel and to identify what we need in the moment, and a reminder that, whatever our roles, we don’t have to be perfect, because we’ve been reminded that we can do it scared.

I’d love to hear your ‘Do It Scared’ Commitment! Join our IDT community IDT community and let me know!

As always, let’s heal together.

Dr. Tara

© 2021. It’s Dr. Tara™

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